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The Leader in Low-Cost Thin Film Thickness Measurement

     Welcome to Mission Peak Optics, the leader in Low-Cost Thin Film Thickness Measurement. With a wide selection of solutions for the Semiconductor Industry, MPO can also fit your company's demands. If you are searching for a Thin Film Thickness Measurement system, Mission Peak Optics is the right choice to choose!

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Imagine owning a complete Thin Film Thickness Measurement tool capable of measuring multiple film layers, cell gap, color, LCD and many other substances for only around

$12,000 Thin Film Measurement tool: MP100-S that includes a high-end Computer, 3D display feature, and 4 Layers Measurement capability

MP100-S Portable Thin Film Measurement System

MP100-S System

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* Address: 46941 Rancho Higuera Road, Fremont, CA 94539

( Telephone: (510) 438-0384

4 Fax: (510) 438-9795

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NEW MP100-ME-WL system with Scanning White Light Interference Capabilities

Now Mission Peak Optics provides a new system that combines two measurement tools into one complete system. Save on costs by not having to purchase two separate measurement systems. The new MP100-ME-WL is capable of Scanning White Light Interference measurements as well as Refractive Light measurement methods.

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